Workforce Alliance of South Central CT (encore) – Aware Recovery Care – FEMA #BeReady

This Labor Day weekend, as folks whose jobs were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic take on the extra burden of finding new work, we’ll open replaying a June segment with a representative from the Workforce Alliance of South Central CT to review new and enhanced online training and resources.
Then we’ll learn how the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on folks trying to work through recovery – or who continue to experience mental health challenges. September is National Recovery Month, and there’s nobody better to discuss the current state of recovery practices than with the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and principle at Aware Recovery Care.
September is also Preparedness Month, and with our local communities already experiencing tropical storms, tornadoes, extended power outages, and even some flooding, we’re going to close chatting with the Ready campaign director at FEMA – the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency.

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