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Joe Visconti is an Emmy Award winning producer, former Republican West Hartford Town Councilor, former CTGOP endorsed candidate for US Congress, district 1 (2008), petitioning candidate on the ballot for Connecticut Governor (2014), Republican Candidate for US Senate (2018) who was endorsed by Corey Lewandowski, President Trumps former campaign manager whom Joe worked closely with during the 2016 Presidential election.

Mr. Visconti is also an advocate for the disabled, producing Television programming in 1997 (Disabilities & Possibilities Television News Magazine), the program went national on PBS in 2000 with Actor Michael York as the host.

As a gun rights and former CT Tea Party Activist (2009), no one was louder than Joe performing his street theatre riding a horse in front of the CT Governor’s Mansion while publicly and legally armed.

A lifelong Republican, Joe refers to himself as Mr. Republican but contrary to Ronald Reagans 11th amendment, Joe will call out his own when necessary, which has branded him a “Political Maverick”.


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The Scranton Financial Group of South Windsor is proud to bring you The Retirement Income Hour. If you’re a Baby Boomer, this show has been designed for you.


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The Big D with Rob Ray

Every weekend, join the Talk of Connecticut’s own Rob Ray for a trip down memory lane with, The Big D.

Rob takes a trip in the Wayback Machine to give you the hits, the b-sides, the old jingles, and much more!

Each week has a carefully constructed theme and the occasional contest so tune in as the Music Professor takes you to school, only on the Talk of Connecticut!


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The Scranton Financial Group of South Windsor is proud to bring you The Income Generation. In retirement, it’s all about income…your money making money. Learn how it’s done!


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