State Rep. Chris Davis with Brad and Gary

Ahead of the Transportation bill hearing on Friday, Rep Chris Davis joined Brad and Gary to talk about what to expect, and if there’s to be a public hearing.

Robert Hyde with Brad and Gary

Congressional Candidate Robert Hyde gave a very candid interview on Brad and Gary this morning talking about local politics, his connection with Brad and the Marine Corp, and addressing rumors that were made about him on a

U.S.Surgeon Gen. Dr. Jerome Adams – Workforce Alliance – IRIS

We’re connecting with the nation’s highest medical authority – U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams to unveil the first new national report on smoking cessation since 1990 – along with all kinds of ways to help you

State Rep. Joe Polletta with Brad and Gary

State Rep Joe Polleta joined the program to talk about the upcoming toll votes, special session, and why he doesn’t believe Gov. Lamont.

State Rep. Jason Perillo with Brad and Gary

State Rep Jason Perillo from Shelton joined the program with Brad and Gary to talk the upcoming session, insulin prices, and everything the Democrats plan to do.

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano with Brad and Gary

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano joined Brad and Gary on the air  to talk about the state, the Gov’s spending habits, and tolls.

Rep. Chris Davis with Brad and Gary

Rep. Chris Davis talked with Brad and Gary about Gov. Lamont’s $375 million dollar promise to certain people that’s supposed to be coming soon…but is it?

Len Suzio with Brad and Gary

Former State Senator Len Suzio joined Brad and Gary to talk about the Governor’s dishonesty regarding the transportation fund and why he compared Lamont to Malloy.

CCDL President Holly Sullivan with Brad and Gary

CCDL President Holly Sullivan joined Brad and Gary all the way from Las Vegas to talk about the gun rally in Virginia and if something of that scale could happen in Connecticut.