Amy Stefanowski with Gary Byron

Amy Stefanowski joined Gary Byron on the air to talk about her project that she started to help out small businesses and people that are working in the medical field, the Gift Card Project!

Chief Investigation Reporter Len Besthoff with Gary

The VA hospitals were inspected to see how they’re prepared for the coronavirus and the Chief Investigative Reporter Len Besthoff was on with Gary to tell him all about it.

Dr Virginia Bieluch with Gary Byron

She is the foremost authority on infectious diseases, because she is the Chief of Infectious Diseases over at Central Connecticut Hospital and Dr. Virginia Bieluch joined Gary on the air to talk about all things coronavirus in

Attorney General William Tong with Gary

With all the scams going on during this coronavirus pandemic, Attorney General William Tong joined Gary to talk about how avoid price gouging and some examples of what people could be facing if they proceed with these

Sen. John Kissel with Gary Byron

State Senator John Kissel joined Gary on the air to talk about keeping a positive face during this coronavirus, how to connect with people who are frightened, and how this impacts the 2020 political year.

Dr Patrick Kenney with Gary Byron

Dr. Patrick Kenney came on with Gary Byron, as the medical director of the supply chain of Yale New Haven Health Network and he discussed the possibility of N95 masks being re-usable.

Joe Sculley, President of the MTAC with Gary Byron

Truckers have been keeping stores afloat during the coronavirus, and noticing far less drivers on the roads. Joe Sculley, the President of the MTAC, came on with Gary Byron to explain further.

Coronavirus Survivor Dan Gerstein with Gary Byron

Dan Gerstein is a Connecticut native, who lives and works in New York City and contracted the coronavirus over 3 weeks ago. He tells Gary Byron the whole story and what the experience was like.

State Rep. Leslee Hill with Gary

The towns of Avon and Canton have declared an emergency because of the coronavirus. The State Rep from that area, Leslee Hill, joined Gary on the air to talk about that decision.

Christian Cashman, principal of Northwest Catholic

Christian Cashman, the principal of Northwest Catholic, joined Gary Byron to talk about how they seamlessly moved over 500 kids over 40 towns to an online only curriculum.