Pastor Joel Rissinger from Lifeway Church

Pastor Joel joins Gary every so often to break down all that’s happening in the world, what his plans are moving forward with the Church, and why he thinks people may have strayed away from God.

Tricia Modifica from Eversource

Eversource has been in the news for the ridiculous price hike that they enforced on folk’s electric bills and Tricia Modifica, a spokesperson for the company came on with Gary to explain what’s going on.

State Senator Tony Hwang

Schools are attempting to re-open for this upcoming school year in the fall, and State Senator Tony Hwang joined Gary Byron on the air to talk about it.

Patrick Gourley from the University of New Haven

The next round of stimulus checks are coming, and with unemployment benefits ending, Patrick Gourley from the University of New Haven jumped on with Gary to break down the impact on the economy from both of these

State Rep Rosa Rebimbas on the police accountability bill

One of the most talked about bills in the history of the state is the new police bill accountability bill and State Rep Rosa Rebimbas joined the show to talk about it.

Fight Voter Fraud with Gary Byron

Linda Szynkowicz, the CEO of Fight Voter Fraud INC and Dominic Rapini joined the show with Gary Byron to talk about their reaction to the absentee voter bill being passed, as well as future plans for rallies.

1st Congressional Candidate Mary Fay

Mary Fay is running against John Larson in the 1st district, and she joined the program to talk about why she’s the best choice for the job!

State Rep Dr Bill Petit

State Rep Bill Petit joined the program to talk about all of the bills that are currently being worked on in the House.

President of the Young Republicans Ken Langille

Ken Langille isn’t just the President of the Young Republicans, he’s also an attorney and knows the de-segregate bill that’s making the rounds all over the state.

Deputy Senate Minority Leader Kevin Witkos

The bond commission meeting was held and some SERIOUS money was doled out. Kevin Witkos was in the meeting and he broke down everything that happened for Gary on the air.