Call Before You Dig Month – Connecticut Children's Youth Suicide Prevention – CT State Colleges & Universities

Early last winter we ran a segment that helped homeowners and excavation contractors get prepared for spring and all the planned outdoor projects involving excavation. Now that April and Call Before You Dig Month has arrived, we’re replaying the segment to remind you about a new educational resource and certification program from Call Before You Dig that will help ensure any deep dig projects you are planning in the future at home or on the job – roll out safely.

Then we’re tackling the difficult subject of youth suicide and prevention with a couple of expert sources from Connecticut Children’s medical system talking about how the risk of suicide is increasing – shockingly among youths as young as 10-years-old. And we’ll learn how this statewide healthcare network is doing groundbreaking work identifying suicide risk factors and saving lives as a result.

And address breaking news that state colleges and universities are resuming in-person classes and activities as early as the summer, with a representative of the Connecticut State College and University system who’s going to also discuss opportunities available for students of all ages through the state’s diverse community college system.

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