Keep America Beautiful 'Trash Dash' – Smilow Closer to Free Ride – Center for Family Justice

Today we’re talking about ‘plogging’ – which incorporates picking up litter while jogging – and how you can discover plogging on September 20 as Keep America Beautiful launches it’s 2020 Trash Dash in Stamford – and enlists ploggers across Connecticut virtually in targeting discarded PPE and other waste in our communities.

Then we’ll get Closer to Free with the folks at Smilow Cancer Hospital and the Yale Cancer Center. They helped host John Voket survive cancer, so along with a fellow survivor we’ll meet who’s raised more than $150,000 for the cause – we’ll tell you about – and clue you in on being part of the 10th anniversary Closer to Free Ride on September 12.

Rounding out our program of virtual activities, we’ll catch up with the Center for Family Justice – and hear about how this critical human services agency is supporting victims of sexual assault in a COVID world, and invite you to the center’s Speaking of Women virtual gathering on September 22.

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