Brad and Paul Schedule: January 30th

It’s Wednesday, We’re Halfway Through The Week! Let’s Keep It Rolling With The Legendary Brad Davis And The Entertaining Yet Informative Paul Pacelli:

– Lee Elci and Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh from our sister station, 94.3 News Now will talk about a variety of topics

– KAREN JARMOC, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE CONNECTICUT COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, will talk about the Domestic Violence Survivors Accessing More Services, Staying in Shelter Longer

– Patrick Sasser from will talk about: “(Tolls) is a regressive form of taxation. This can be very, very painful for a low-income household. It could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the working poor.” – Professor of Finance for the College of Staten Island and Research Fellow at The University Transportation Research Center Johnathan Peters says if Connecticut lawmakers are looking to raise revenue for transportation, they might be better off looking somewhere else besides highway tolls.

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