Brad Davis Show Schedule: February 1st

It’s Friday, It’s Time To Wrap Up The Week! And The Right Way To Do It Is With Brad Davis!

– STATE SENATOR HEATHER SOMERS, will talk about: State psychiatric patient was restrained even as he was choking to death, federal records reveal – As he was choking to death, a Whiting Forensic patient’s arms were being restrained by two staff members until a nurse ordered them to let the patient go so life-saving efforts could begin, federal records obtained Wednesday by The Courant reveal. The nurse ordered the patient released so back blows and abdominal thrusts could start in an attempt to clear fig bars that the patient had gobbled while staff was supposed to be watching him more closely, according to an inspection report on the Dec. 1, 2016. death.

– DR. RICHARD BELL is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Maryland and researcher of American history from 1750 through 1877. The Connecticut Historical Society Explores the Facts and Fiction in Hamilton: An American Musical. In this talk, Dr. Bell discusses what the musical got right and got wrong about Alexander Hamilton, the American Revolution, and the birth of the United States – and why that matters. He also will examine some of the choices Hamilton’s creators made to simplify, dramatize, and humanize the complicated events and stories on which the show is based. The talk will consider Hamilton’s cultural impact and what its runaway success reveals about the stories we tell each other regarding America’s history.

– SENATOR DAN CHAMPAGNE OF VERNON will talk about Crumbling foundation aid distributed this week. A portion of Connecticut homeowners who applied for crumbling concrete foundation relief will begin receiving checks this week, according to the nonprofit insurer supporting them.

– BARRY HOROWITZ, OF THE LAW FIRM OF NIRESTEIN,HOROWITZ AND ASSOCIATES, P.C. , will talk about upcoming Free Living Trust Seminars for the month of February

-DOUG EVANS joins Brad to talk about arts across Connecticut!

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