Brad and Paul Schedule: March 14th

It’s Thursday and with that, it means it’s time for some more shenanigans from Brad and Paul! Here’s what’s on tap today!


SENATOR KEVIN KELLY OF STRATFORD will talk about: Proposed CT vaccination law alerts parents to nurses’ rights

COMPTROLLER KEVIN LEMBO, will talk about: Connecticut legislators unveil public option for health insurance. Connecticut lawmakers are joining other states that have unveiled proposals to expand government-run health coverage, with plans to extend state health benefits to small businesses and nonprofits, and to explore a public option for individuals.

ROBERT SINCLAIR, JR., AAA NORTHEAST will talk about: The breaking scandal on college admissions should also highlight the struggles of parents of lesser means who often must take out high interest government loans to get their kids into top schools. We’re seeing an increasing number of these parents facing financial ruin when their kids default on the loans. The release below outlines a service we have to help parents navigate through the finance process for kids currently preparing for college in the fall, but also can help those restructure the crushing debt they already have that may be damaging their finances.

ADRIENNE W. COCHRANE, CEO OF THE YWCA HARTFORD REGION. In recognition of Women’s Month, she will be talking about her first year at the YW, what has happened in the last year, what is happening now in 2019, and touch on some of the pressing news items affecting women right now.


All that and your calls and news of the day!