Brad and Paul Schedule: March 22nd

Here’s what’s coming up this morning on The Brad Davis show featuring Paul Pacelli

  • NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST DR. MICHELLE BENGTSON, will talk aboutDEPRESSION AND SELF HARM ON THE RISE AMONG MILLENNIALS.Young people today are far more likely to be depressed and to self-harm than they were 10 years ago, a new study suggests, as they struggle with body image and social media.  Researchers from University College London (UCL) and the University of Liverpool analysed data from two cohorts of 14-year-old millennials born a decade apart.  Fewer than one in 10 (9 per cent) of those born in the early 90s suffered from depression during their teens, but that rose to more one in seven for youngsters born at the turn of the century (15 per cent).
  • STATE SENATOR GEORGE LOGAN, will call to talk about: Connecticut’s labor market got roughed up in the first two months of 2019, as employers cut 400 jobs in February and economists revised downward a January gain of 1,000 jobs to a loss of 2,500, the state Department of Labor announced Thursday. The unemployment rate in February was unchanged, at 3.8 percent, the same as the U.S. rate.
  • REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST // THOMAS PARTNERS STRATEGIES PRESIDENT JOHN THOMAS, WILL TALK ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP’S INTRAPARTY FEUDS DIVIDE REPUBLICANS. President Trump’s vendettas are splintering Republicans, alienating him from allies on Capitol Hill and stirring drama in the West Wing.  The president has spent the past five days relentlessly attacking John McCain, the late GOP senator from Arizona who succumbed to brain cancer last year.  President Trump is also embroiled in a bizarre feud between White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and her husband, George Conway, a prominent Washington lawyer whose Twitter attacks against the president have ignited a nasty back-and-forth.  Conway has questioned President Trump’s mental stability and alleged the president has “narcissistic personality disorder.”  “You. Are. Nuts.” — Conway in a tweet.  President Trump has blasted back, calling Conway “a stone cold LOSER & husband from hell” who is doing a “disservice” to his wife.  “He’s a whack job, no question about it.” — President Trump
  • SENATOR TONY HWANG will call to talk about:
    Senator Osten: audio link
    “Money has never been taken out of the Special Transportation Fund…. we diverted some money from going into it, and that’s different…”
  • GARY EPLER, MD IS AN ASSOCIATE CLINICAL PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE AT HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL and author of more than 100 scientific papers. Recognized yearly in The Best Doctors in America, Dr. Epler has been a Pulmonary Consultant for the Boston Celtics and a hospital Chief of Medicine and Board Member. He earned his M.D. from Tulane University School of Medicine and a Masters Degree in Public Health from Harvard University and will talk about How Young Is Too Young For A Stroke? 
  • GARRISON LEYKAM, CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CAREER COACH, willtalk about his presentation at The Palace Theater on March 26th.  Garrison believes that everyone is capable of creating their own second act careers. Leykam has been a record producer, singer-songwriter, author, radio show host, business leader, stand-up comic, and a tv producer and host. Just shy of his 70th birthday, Leykam will share how to be audacious at any age. 2ND ACT was imagined as a monthly speakers’ series featuring ordinary people talking about the extraordinary things they are doing in the 2ND (half) ACT of their lives.