Brad Davis Show Schedule: June 13th

It’s Thursday so let’s throw it back to an appearance from Brad Davis at a reunion in 1997 with his wife Rosanna and here’s what’s on tap for this morning’s show!

  • Dr. Pauinslaw from Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center joins Brad Davis to talk about how 42% of Americans have at least one tattoo and 25% of tattoo recipients regret their decision. He’ll also explain the process of erasing an unwanted tattoo
  • Republican Strategist Gus Portella joins Brad to talk about President Donald Trump asserting executive privelege over cenus materials as Democrats weigh contempt against Attorney General William Bar and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross
  • Scott White and Mark Putorti from Air Temp, Electical Connection and Service Connection will talk about preparing for the air conditioning season
  • Guy Neumann from the Hartford Rib-Off will talk about the event coming up weekend