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Gary talks to Fight Voter Fraud, Inc’s Linda Szynkowicz

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When voter fraud occurs, it undermines the electoral process for all voters. Fight

Voter Fraud, Inc. (FVF) was founded in 2018 by Linda Szynkowicz after she

observed issues of potential voter fraud—and was astonished to find that

when she reached out to several agencies, they all told her they lacked the

resources to investigate the potential cases of fraud.

Frustrated at the prospect of having nowhere to turn, Linda created FVF, a nonpartisan

nonprofit 501(c)4 to advocate on behalf of all disenfranchised voters, regardless of

party affiliation.


√ Press Release: Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. Applies For 206 Arrest Warrants For Suspected Voter Fraud

Across Three Judicial Districts In Connecticut

√ FVF used State law to demand the arrest of Wanda Pataki, refused by CT Judge as ‘Unconstitutional’ !!

Key Points

- Fight Voter Fraud is working to make state election officials accountable for election problems

- Wanda has not been arrested despite SEEC criminal referral in June 23 and from this November when

FVF invoked Title 9 entitlements by electors to arrest Election criminals

- Connecticut’s Judiciary is not doing its job

- Connecticut’s political leadership is trying to ‘run out the clock’ on election fraud hoping it will go away

- In November of 2024, a Constitutional amendment is on the ballot to make mail in voting available to

all Connecticut voters and no longer for the current, constituional excuses.


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