Brad and Paul Schedule: April 16th

We’ve reached the end of tax season! Now you can relax, listen to Brad and Paul and go to work without worrying about that audit! Here’s what’s on tap this morning!

  • Senator Len Fasano will discuss: MORE double digit raises for MORE State Lawyers? Last month, Connecticut Democrats approved 11% pay hikes for lawyers who work for the state attorney general and stipends of $6,000 – $12,000 for department heads.  Now, the legislature is considering MORE raises for MORE lawyers. This time it’s the state’s tax attorneys who would get an 11.6% wage increase. The legislature’s vote on this contract will occur this Wednesday
  • Dr. Ivan Misner, coauthor of the new book Who’s in Your Room? The Secret To Creating Your Best Life. Founder of, the world’s largest networking organization will talk about:  How To Say NO Without Feeling Like A Jerk: We all need a little more down time as the whole work/life balance thing can be elusive. But when you have demands on your time coming out of the woodwork, how do you decide what obligations to accept? What’s the best way to say “no” to someone without sounding or feeling like a bad person? What if they don’t take no for an answer? How do you deal with people who don’t respect your time and space?
  • Jomo Mutegi PhD, Science Education Associate Professor who advocates for STEM education for people of color will discuss, 5 Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In STEM: According to USA Today, future jobs with security and good pay are in STEM – science, technology engineering and math fields.So how can you encourage your kids to pursue these interests?What can parents do outside of schoolwork to create a love for science and technology?

    What activities are best for elementary kids?

    What about teens?

    How can teachers nurture a student’s natural curiosity?

  • Christine Looby, Executive Director, The Mercy Community of McAuley, will give update on what’s going on at McAuley