Brad and Paul Schedule: April 30th

With Brad Away, Paul continues to play! Here’s what’s on tap for this lovely Tuesday morning!

  • SENATOR HEATHER SOMERS will talk about: The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut supports an electronic tolling system as the best way for the state to raise the money it needs to maintain its transportation system.  The argument for tolls “can be boiled down to two words: commerce and tourism,” Tony Sheridan, the chamber’s president and chief executive officer, wrote last week in a published opinion piece.State Sen. Heather Somers, a Groton Republican, said she was surprised by the chamber’s position. “I’m curious whether he’s talked to members,” she said, referring to Sheridan. “They’re not saying at all what he’s saying.” Somers said the toll plan backed by Lamont and most Democrats, which now calls for no more than 50 toll gantries on Interstates 84, 91 and 95 and Route 15, amounts to a toll every six miles,“not a welcoming prospect for anyone coming to Connecticut.”
  • AMY PARMENTER, MANAGER, PUBLIC AND GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS, AAA GROUP will talk about:  CT Gas at Tipping Point. Average Price of Gas Statewide May Top $3 this Weekend. The average price of gas across Connecticut will likely top $3 this weekend. Gas prices nationwide and here in Connecticut have been rising steadily since mid-February, but the price at the pump has spiked  in the last month or so, as refineries transition to the more expensive summer blend of gasoline and begin to ramp up for the busy summer driving season.
  • Your chance at Paul Anka at Mohegan Sun tickets!