Brad Davis Co-Host: June 7th

Joining Brad Davis on Friday June 7th, former anchor and reporter for NBC Connecticut, Ann Baldwin!

She’ll bring more than 25 years of experience and many accolades to wrap up the week with the legendary Brad Davis!

“She has received numerous awards for her work and has co-authored numerous articles published on the benefits of media marketing and crisis management. Ms. Baldwin is also called on by various news outlets and publications as an expert in the field of media and crisis communication.

Ms. Baldwin is well known for her public relations savvy and networking ability. As someone who has been on both sides of the microphone, she offers unique perspective to her clients. She has worked for a diverse list of clientele including Fortune 500 corporations, the government, universities, for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Ms. Baldwin received her bachelor’s degree in speech and theater arts from Colorado State University.”

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Ann Baldwin