Yankee Institute – The Children's Center of Hamden – CT Office of Early Childhood/WBDC

We’re opening today with the Yankee Institute, which just launched a new comprehensive database of every public labor contract in the state, and how it can help you and your elected leaders better understand how they impact our communities and economy.

Then we’re going to have an energized conversation with the new CEO of one of the state’s oldest human services agencies, the Children’s Center of Hamden. We’ll learn how this new, vibrant agency leader is thinking outside the box, while helping established staff, students, and clients stay safe while benefiting from all the Center’s services.

And we’ll close on another critical subject involving our kids and the state’s workforce – as we welcome a representative from Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood, talking about a brand new partnership with the Women’s Business Development Council – laser focusing on protecting, enhancing, and sustaining our fragile network of childcare centers.

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